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Monday, September 15, 2014

"Unforgettable Lovers" Day 6: Featuring LaVerne Thompson, Rachelle Ayala, Doris O'Connor, and Raven McAllan

Welcome! This is the sixth post in the "Unforgettable Lovers" Multi-author Event. I'm featuring four authors today. Each author's chosen POV  (point of view) character will tell what, in his or her opinion, makes someone an unforgettable lover. I personally love to get an intimate view of the characters.

Today, I'm featuring books and POV characters by LaVerne Thompson, Rachelle Ayala, Doris O'Connor, and Raven McAllan. Don't forget to leave a comment with your email address. One lucky commenter will receive a copy of their book of choice from ALL books featured throughout the "Unforgettable Lovers" Blog Party!! Every time you comment on an "Unforgettable Lovers" post, your name is added an additional time for more chances to win :-)



Did you really think you’d live forever?

She never planned on dying at eighteen, much less awakening to live in the world as a creature of the night. Still, Noel doesn’t complain. She embraces who she’s become, even through the dark loneliness she feels at times.

Have you ever had dreams so alluring you couldn’t get them out of your mind?

Jett knows they're only dreams, but they feel real to the point that he closes his eyes during the day just to embrace them again. No matter the danger to his soul if such a beautiful nightmare does exist. It goes by the sweet name Noel.

Dark Shadow-The Hidden
A dark erotic romance
By LaVerne Thompson


Okay so I’ll be the first to admit I haven’t had a whole lot of actual experience, plenty of petting but only two to be exact of well sex, including Jett. But still, I know what I want and what I don’t.

Someone who sees to my needs as well as his own. A man who can make my stomach muscles clench and my pulse race and alls he done is look at me with wanting and raw need in his gaze, totally directed to me and for me. And the moment he touches me I’m already wet for him. That’s my Jett.


Noel pulled away from him but only to circle back into him arms. Her bare ass pressed tight against his groin. He shifted closer to her. His aching cock pulsed, flushed full of blood and pushed against the upper part of her butt. Neither of them wore any clothes.
Her hands reached behind her and grabbed his slim hips. Holding on to him she wiggled her body up and down his own. His breath stuck somewhere between his lungs and his mouth. No air got through his parted lips. As she straightened up, and brushed against him, his dick jerked. Pre-cum seeped from his head. He’d never been so fucking hard in his life. He had to have her. Fucking NOW!

"Playing the Rookie" is FREE right now!!

Jessica Song is tired of being a good girl, staying in a relationship well past closing time. Fresh from a breakup, she takes a walk on the wild side as a sports events intern. 

Baseball rookie Jay Pak Ahn has been burned one too many times by good girls, especially his cheating ex-fiancée. When he meets wild Jessica, he throws away all caution to enjoy her to the fullest. 

Jessica and Jay agree to a week of enchanting, starry-eyed dates and wild, unrestrained sex to get their exes out of their systems. 

Their pasts collide, exposing the secrets in Jessica’s heart and threatening Jay’s position on the team. Jessica must leave her disappointment behind while Jay has to decide whether Jessica comes before baseball. What will they sacrifice to turn their fling into true love?

“What makes an unforgettable lover?”
Sexy eyes, confidence, and daring. I love a man who knows what he wants and doesn’t hesitate to get it. He attracts me with his heated gaze, then sweeps in and takes control. He wants me, tells me, and then shows me. Oh boy, does he show me, over and over and over again. But what truly makes him unforgettable? He thrills me with his daring and makes me conquer my fears. The rush is unbelievable. He leaves my knees quaking and my heart exploding. But when things get rough, he woos me with his sexy narrow eyes, dancing to the blues, and claims my dark heart forever.

Excerpt from Playing the Rookie
“I’m the man to help you figure it all out. Let’s get comfortable.”
Why does my body instantly ignite at the thought of getting horizontal with Jay? I lick the drool from my lips and finish the rest of my drink. The stout hearty taste of the dark beer mixed with the crisp bite of apples reaches into my dark heart, stirring it with a flood of desires—fantasies I dare not admit even to myself.
Jay raises the volume of the stereo. A bluesy jazz song plays. Enfolding me into his arms, he swings me around the room, his busy hands caressing me, skillfully arousing every inch of my hot, horny body.
But tonight it’s more than that. There’s a gentleness about him, loving, taking his time. His fingers stroke and pet me, deep, warm caresses, nothing harsh or groping. And when his lips take mine he moves languidly, flowing with the music, a steady, sweet rhythm. We drift to the edge of the bed and float onto it like falling leaves. His lips, tongue, and fingers explore every inch of me, undressing me as if I were made of delicate flower petals.

Services to Sisterhood, 1                                  
Loosen up and awake your inner Sex Goddess...call it services to sisterhood.
The mere thought of an all-expenses paid trip to a tropical island of sexual abandonment makes straight-laced school teacher Astrid break out in a heat rash. What fantasy is she supposed to live out, exactly? You kinda need to have them to re-enact them, right? However, she can’t really turn down a birthday present, even if her outrageous best friend would let her.

Everything changes when she wakes up in her very own Arabian Fantasy. Prince Rashid expects her complete obedience, and Astrid can’t help but respond to the demands of the enigmatic Sheikh. Maybe it’s just the ambiance of this place but Astrid finds new strength in her submission, and the sex is out of this world.
What happens, however, when reality beckons? Can she hold onto the fantasy?

Be Warned: BDSM, f/f interaction, anal play, rimming, spanking

POV – Rashid from Awoken by the Sheikh

What makes a lover unforgettable is the ability to fulfil your partner’s fantasies. Even better when you both get to play out your fantasies at the same time, because you know the sex will be awesome, and unforgettable. Add to that an exotic location, and you have the ideal playground to be whoever you want to be.

I never expected to find the woman of my dreams, the perfect submissive, when I signed up for my stay on the island, but that’s exactly what happened.

“Yield to me, my pretty, now! Trust me.”
Astrid couldn’t resist. Something in that dark gaze pulled her right into his barely controlled power. “Yes, my lord.”
The brilliant smile took her breath away, and she winced as his fingers slowly and carefully withdrew.
Good girl. Now shut your eyes.”
Why?” She couldn’t help but utter the question, even though her insides churned at the thought of his displeasure.
Sure enough, he growled in answer, the sound so low and animalistic that every feminine cell in her body just melted, until she had to fight the urge to sink to her knees in front of him. He raised his eyebrows, moved to stand behind her, and then slapped her ass hard enough to make her gasp. 
Gooseflesh broke out over her exposed skin when he tugged her head back on his shoulder and she saw his sinful grin. Astrid’s breath stalled in her lungs at the first of several more openhanded swats to her behind. They left her butt on fire. Heat traveled over her skin and sent her arousal up another notch. 
Surely being spanked like this should not turn her on even more, and make her wish he would bend her over his knee and do the job properly? By the time he’d delivered that last stinging swat, she gasped her answer.

Yes, my lord.”
Buy links:
Amazon  Amazon UK   

Jackson Carrick at Tits and Bum Club—gay in more ways than one.
As morning wake up calls go, those damning headlines made for a rude awakening. The renowned actor is a one man guy, thank you very much, so why would a doppelganger set out to discredit him, and more importantly, who is it?
As the mystery unravels and loyalties are tested, Jackson has to rely on his husband, housekeeper, and friends to keep his reputation from swirling down the drain.
Fortunately, Jackson's husband Collum knows just how to keep his man from worrying. Only one thing to do when you're stuck inside waiting for news—lots of mind-blowing sex.

Jackson Carrick on what makes a lover unforgettable…
Be my lover, be mine forever… Whispered words. Words said at the height of passion or in a solemn moment. Heartfelt, meaningful words that come from deep inside.
Hi All, my name is Jackson Carrick. I am, for my sins a man who speaks words like those every day, and apart from the intonation, they're worthless. Why? Because I'm an actor, and I say stuff like that a lot. As long as it looks good and believable on the screen, that's what matters, yeah?
 Well not when I want to say them to my husband. That's hard.
Both Coll and I are deep down private people, so we both know that what we say to each other is true, because it takes us a lot to vocalize what we feel.
Coll is more than a good lover, he's my other half, my soul mate, and I truly believe I'm his. We try to be kind and courteous, to laugh—and cry—with it other not at each other. To give help when its needed to but to know the offer is there if it's not openly expressed. Sometimes just knowing you have silent support is all you need.
A good lover doesn't just know what to put where, how and when. He or she knows when a hug, a smile or even a wink is all that's needed. They can take or receive, be put forward, or stand back.
But most of all, they're there for you.
And you know it.

I'm Jackson Carrick and my story, Double Jackson is out now from Evernight Publishing. That's the blurb above

And a wee tease…
"Are you both naked under there?"
Jack lifted the duvet with exaggerated care and looked underneath. Coll's cock waved a welcome. His own dick was in a similar state of attention.
"Yup we're both naked, why?"
"Because I really don't want to see two great hairy pricks and asses––well, not two naked ones. I see enough of you both as it is."
"Harsh, Tina. Very harsh. Coll shaved yesterday."
 "Not my balls though," Coll said under his breath. 
You can buy Double Jackson at…

Happy Reading,
Love R x

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Dariel's Interiew With USA Today Bestselling Author, Mary Buckham

Welcome back to Musings! I am thrilled to have New York Times Bestselling author Mary Buckham visiting with me today. She’s also agreed to an interview in which she offers a number of wise, helpful insights about the craft and business of writing. Enjoy, take a look at some of her new and upcoming projects, and please let us know what you think in comments J

1.    What 3 things would you like readers to know about you?

Oh, this is a fun question. Hmmm, I think that unlike my characters I am not high-energy, smart-mouthed, go-getter. I wish I was. Actually I tend to be shy, until you know me, then watch out! I really, really, really enjoy sharing craft information with other writers. It gives me a deep and profound satisfaction to hear I was able to help another. On the other hand I am always gob smacked when someone says they enjoy and like my work. It’s a thrill and a gift and a surprise. It’s one thing to have your mom, or spouse, or a good friend to say they like what you’ve written because how likely is it for them to say otherwise? But a total stranger? One you haven"t bribed or coerced or is a blood-connection? That’s scary and life affirming and the most amazing gift to receive.

2.    You are one of the few authors I’ve interviewed who has written USA Today Bestselling novels as well as nonfiction books. Tell us about your books. Genre, titles, any favorite characters? What can we look forward to from you in the near future? WIP’s, upcoming releases?

This is a huge question so I’ll try and chunk it down into smaller bite-sized pieces so I don’t go on forever. Currently I’m writing an Urban Fantasy series based on 5 women recruited to fight preternaturals in a world where most humans don’t know preternaturals even exist. The women all have some element that helps them in their new careers—being a witch/shaman, able to turn invisible, being a psychic or a Spirit Walker. But they’ve also been raised to not necessarily value their gifts, or themselves as a result. It’s called the INVISIBLE RECRUITS series and in the last year and a half I’ve published 4 full-length novels and 3 novellas with 2 more novels coming out this year.  I love gutsy women who give it their all doing a dirty, dangerous job while juggling fears we all have—being good enough, finding love, helping those who can’t help themselves, feeling overwhelmed and undervalued, etc. Next year I hope to bring out a new Urban Fantasy series set in Settle and, hopefully, a light paranormal mystery series also set in Seattle. (Must be all that rain that’s conducive to unusual people and murder!). Then there’s the craft book series that I’m working on. The WRITING ACTIVE series with 3 books on Writing Active Settings and next Writing Active Hooks, the first book in that series available for pre-order now and coming out on October 3rd. After Writing Active Hooks Book 2 look for Writing Active Body Language in 2015. Plus, in my spare time I write with NYT author Dianna Love, under the pen name Micah Caida. We created the Young Adult Red Moon series—Time Trap, Time Return, Time Lock— Sci Fi/Action Adventure novels that have earned glowing reviews and reader response.  And this has just been the last year and a half. J

3.    Is there a common thread in your books? How do your values show up in your writing? What do you want readers to take from your writing?

I actually think it can be challenging to find the common threads in our own work,  and much easier to do so in others, because we’re not so immersed in all the  details required to craft a compelling story. If I had to answer I think I create characters who are faced with hard choices and still take actions for the sake of a larger good. It’s under duress that we as people discover our core values; we can be kind when it’s easy or expected to be kind, but a real challenge when we’re hurting or heartbroken or have a lot to loose. What I’d like readers to take from my stories is a sense of hope, a sense that every person matters and every person no matter how they might feel on a given day, or what obstacles they are facing, can make a choice to make a difference. We may never end up in a history book or with a glowing obituary, but we can still change the world, one choice at a time.

4.    Assuming writers have studied the craft and continue to develop their writing skills (I don’t believe anyone ever actually “masters” any of the arts), what advice would you offer to help them achieve “NY Times or USA Today Bestselling author” status? Any suggestions for getting our books into the right hands?

Great question and I think you’ve already answered it. None of us are master writers, no matter what awards we’ve won or number of books we’ve published. However, there are writers who continue to challenge themselves and work at the craft, making sure each book they create is a culmination of everything they’ve learned up to that point. One of the most impressive sights I saw at a National RWA Conference was attending a workshop and seeing 7 NYT authors sitting in the front row, ready to glean more insights into their craft and the understanding of their genre. That’s impressive and a lesson I think we all need to take to heart. There’s always something more to learn and ways to improve as writers and it’s our responsibility to do so. Take this to heart and the next question is answered. How to get our books into the right hands? If readers appreciate and enjoy what we write they share, and they share with other readers they know will also “get” what we write. It can be that simple and that profound.

5.    Along those lines, what are some of the best social media, marketing, and publicity tips you’ve come across to help boost sales and exposure?

Focus on your writing first so you’re releasing the highest caliber book you can. Make sure that you have something for readers to discover. There’s nothing more frustrating than finding a new author and loving their work only to discover they only have 1 or 2 books out and we have to wait for more, especially if that wait time is counted in years not months. Keep the “social” in social media. I think we all hate it when we connect with someone and the first thing they do is overwhelm us with “Buy My Book” messages, or “do this for me” messages.  Bottom line: treat others as we would like to be treated. Experiment with whatever social media venue gives you juice as opposed to sucking your energy level dry and concentrate on that. Many writers are solitary people, shy even, so adding in a social media agenda that feels forced or uncomfortable, can be a disaster. Try all the venues, expect a learning curve, and only then decide which venue works best for you and thus for your followers.

6.    What are some things you know now about writing and being an author that you wish someone had told you at the very beginning?

LOL! Everything. First off, getting published is not an end goal. It’s a means goal. Too many newer writers think getting published will make the world a perfect place and that’s all you need to accomplish. The reality is that being published only means different issues to grapple with, not a lack of issues.  Plan long term otherwise you can spend your days in a reactive mindset that can quickly suck up your creativity.  We can react to every email, every direct message, every request to do something for someone—most of them things we want to do, but there’s a limited resource. That’s you. You have to learn to manage the demands on your time once published in order to continue to create your next book.  Enjoy the process, which includes hectic days, exhaustion, frustration and nail biting, as well as awards, interactions with some of the most amazing readers and writers, and the chance to make up stories and earn a living.

7.    What tips can you offer towards building and maintaining a strong support system as a writer?

Another excellent question! Something I’ve found over the years is to figure out what you as a writer, or creative, need before you create such a system. Do you need accountability, meaning someone who won’t listen to excuses as to why you couldn’t write or whatever it is you’re struggling with. Do you need a goal group? People who will help you brainstorm bigger and better ways to reach your goals? Or do you need a group that will simply let you blow off steam in a safe environment, i.e. none of your comments will come back to haunt you? Knowing what you need makes it easier to find or create your support system. Have different needs? It’s okay to have more than one support system in place. Remember though that the care and feeding of such a system does require you to give back to others in ways they need, too.

 Short bio for Mary Buckham

USA Today bestselling author Mary Buckham writes the Amazon best selling WRITING ACTIVE SETTING series for writers (in e-format and now in book form) as well as Urban Fantasy w/attitude. Love romance, danger & kick-ass heroines? Find it in her Invisible Recruits series: www.MaryBuckham.com or www.InvisibleRecruits.com.


INVISIBLE PRISON (novella)  Currently free as e-book

INVISIBLE  FEARS (4th novel of the Invisible Recruits series)
Barnes & Noble:  http://bit.ly/1lDNIbX

Barnes & Noble:  http://bit.ly/1j5Efp7






Saturday, September 13, 2014

"Unforgettable Lovers" Day 5: Featuring Beth Trissel, Chantel Rhondeau, and Jessica Nicholls

Welcome! This is the fifth post in the "Unforgettable Lovers" Multi-author Event. I'm featuring three more authors today. Each author's chosen POV  (point of view) character will tell what, in his or her opinion, makes someone an unforgettable lover. I personally love to get an intimate view of the characters.

Today, I'm featuring books and POV characters by Beth Trissel, Chantel Rhondeau, and Jessica Nicholls. Don't forget to leave a comment with your email address. One lucky commenter will receive a copy of their book of choice from ALL books featured throughout the "Unforgettable Lovers" Blog Party!! Every time you comment on an "Unforgettable Lovers" post, your name is added an additional time for more chances to win :-)


Book Title: Traitor's Legacy
Historical Romance Novel
Journey back to the drama, intrigue, and romance of the American Revolution, where spies can be anyone and trust may prove deadly.

Blurb: 1781. On opposite sides of the War of Independence, British Captain Jacob Vaughan and Claire Monroe find themselves thrust together by chance and expediency. 

Captain Vaughan comes to a stately North Carolina manor to catch a spy. Instead, he finds himself in bedlam: the head of the household is an old man ravaged by madness, the one sane male of the family is the very man he is hunting, and the household is overseen by his beguiling sister Claire. 

Torn between duty, love, and allegiances, yearning desperately for peace, will Captain Vaughan and Claire Monroe forge a peace of their own against the vagaries of war and the betrayal of false friends.~

Snippet from Love Scene:
He nuzzled her ear. “I adore you, and have from the moment I laid eyes on you.”
“The second moment,” she said breathlessly. “Being vexed with me at the first.”
“Must you argue everything I say?” Covering her lips, he settled the debate with a kiss tender, yet heated with the passion surging inside him. If he were a forge, he could meld white hot iron into steel.~

Scene: British Dragoon Captain Jacob Vaughan decides if he truly wants Patriot Claire Monroe while at her North Carolina Manor Home, Thornton Hall:

     For a reluctant spy, Claire was a natural, and what a boon to gain an inside informant. This should speed the process. If only Vaughan didn’t wish it would take at least a few precious days for Claire to decipher the message. Most disturbing how swiftly he was coming under her spell, and she didn’t even realize she’d woven one.
     Besting Claire at this game, if that’s what it had become, held scant joy for him, though he admitted to being intrigued. He also enjoyed a good riddle, but doubted she’d be of a forgiving bent when she learned he’d deceived her. He must broach the matter delicately.
     Failing in his mission wasn’t an option Vaughan was willing to contemplate, but enticing her to fall in love with him? Now, that held sublime possibilities. And perhaps, ultimately, her heart. 
     A sobering thought. Apart from his adoring sisters, he’d never been entrusted with a woman’s heart. And if he fell in battle, the girls would come to terms with his loss. But what of Claire, did he really want her to care for him?
     He slid the buff-colored leather swordbelt from around his shoulder and laid it and his saber on the high-backed wooden settle positioned against one wall. His cross-belt of the same hue with the black cartridge box soon followed. The wallpaper behind the furniture was covered with roses streaked crimson and white, like the stain of blood in the snow. And he’d witnessed that.
     His eye fell on the distinctive helmet laid on a corner table. Mrs. Jenner must have ordered it brought up here. How many battles had his faithful headgear seen him through?
     Too many.
     Unbuttoning his coat, he folded the red, white-faced  uniform beside his blade and carefully weighed what he was undertaking. He unknotted the scarlet sash and removed his white waistcoat. He’d only just met Claire, and under the most unusual circumstances, but in war there wasn’t the opportunity to linger over decisions. He untied the gorget at his throat, shining in the light, and added it to the growing pile.
     How often he made life and death choices, sometimes on a daily, even hourly basis. In the blink of an eye. And not only for himself but those under his command. He’d learned to seize the moment, to trust his gut instinct.
    Unbuckling his black neck stock, he tossed it aside and asked himself, did he want Claire? He’d already suffered acutely for the sake of one woman. Was he truly ready to undertake that risk for another?
     He stripped off his shirt. Yes. When it came to Claire, the die was already cast.~ 

Imprisoned for murders he didn’t commit, Max Kensington is exonerated after eight years when a new witness steps forward. He returns to his hometown and no one’s happy to see him, least of all his ex-fiancée, Rosemary Spelling.

Max’s return forces Rose to confront her feelings about the past. The day he killed her sister ruined Rose’s life, destroying her family and landing her mother in a mental institution.

When someone leaves a bloody threat on Rose’s porch, the police jump to conclusions, assuming Max is after revenge. Rose isn’t so sure. She begins questioning Max’s guilt, wondering if someone is trying to cover up what really happened to her sister.

All Max wants is his life back and a chance to regain Rose’s love. To get that, he has to catch the killer. His obsessive need for justice drives his actions, but the murderer seems a step ahead. When new bodies surface, evidence points to Max as the culprit. Now he could lose everything when the killer zeroes in on a new target…Rose.

“Exciting cat-and-mouse mystery full of surprising twists and scorching second chances.” ~ Rachelle Ayala – Romantic Suspense Author

Max Kensington from Murderous Lies
A good lover? Hell, I’ve been in prison so long, I pretty much forgot what that was like. It was always the best with Rosemary, though. True, we were teenagers and didn’t have much experience, but we were in love. We’re adults now, and I can’t believe how sexy she looks. She makes my pulse race and when we kiss… I think, what makes sex hot is being with the one you love. Everything is exciting then. And it’s forever.

In a near frenzy, she grabbed at the hem of his shirt, ripping it up over his shoulders and tearing it free. After tossing it off the bed, she grabbed her own blouse, stripping it in seconds.

Max chuckled. “This isn’t a race, love, we have all the time we need.”

When his hand touched the bare skin of her back and moved toward the clasp of her bra, Rose moaned again. The heat of him soaked into her skin, and she wanted more of it. She wanted his heat all over. “It’s a race for me,” she whispered. “I need you, Max.”

Max stripped her bra away, smiling down at her rapidly hardening nipples. He bent and took one in his mouth, swirling his thumb and finger around the other.

Shivery pleasure trembled through her and her nipples went rock hard.

Nyx - Goddess of Night from Into the Arms of Morpheus.  

Q. Nyx, or…Nina as you’ve called yourself when in human form, what makes a lover unforgettable? 

A. What makes a lover unforgettable is when they make you forget yourself.  You are so at ease in their arms they make you feel capable of anything.  An unforgettable lover satisfies you in a way no one else could, yet ignites cravings that haunt you forever.  You would withstand a lifetime of loneliness in the dark, just for one night with them.  In my case, it’s a damn good thing I own the night anyway.  

Passage from Into the Arms of Morpheus.  

‘ ‘Nyx, please…’ I cover his mouth with mine, pressing my hands from his lower abdomen all the way up his chest over his shoulders and down his arms, like I’m spreading myself all over him.  He’s consumed by me; my touch sears him with pleasure.  His groans are like those of a mad man drugged, a mad man drunk with lust and love for the woman of his dreams.  
He pushes back up at me, pulling me down to him.  I forget that these mortal bodies need to breathe.  I tear my mouth from Poseidon’s for a moment and I see his blue eyes have changed, they glow with sensuality.  His hand grips the back of my neck and pulls me down to him.  He is hungry, like a wild animal whose meal has been denied too long.’ 

Blurb from Into the Arms of Morpheus. 

Sylvia has always harboured a solitary obsession with Morpheus, the Greek God of Dreams.  She’s brought it with her from her adolescence in a village of Northern England where she grew up, to the university in Manchester where she now studies. 

Nyx is the Goddess of the Night, and has spent the centuries stewing in an ancient, unrequited love.  Not easily pleased, her attention is drawn to a voice chanting its devotion and desire for her, and she seeks the source of it. 

She is not hte only god playing in the realms of men, however.  When the God of Death and Morpheus himself become aware of Sylvia and this new devotee, the stage is set for the gods to secure their worship, or for a mortal to become one of them. 

Purchase links: 

Amazon (for ereader and print)



Thursday, September 11, 2014

Dariel's Flasher Friday Stop: "Perfect Relationship"

Every Friday, several of us get together and write a post using the same pic chosen by our facilitators - 100 words, no more, no less. Check out my take on this intriguing pic, then stop by to see my friends' posts as well. Feel free to leave a comment. We love to hear from you :-)

Perfect Relationship
“I’ve had it with you!” I offer her my profile, a single tear, refusing to look her way.
 “I yell, whisper softly, even speak through your dreams, but I'm ignored, even then.”

She’s staring at me now. 

I continue. “No matter what I do, it never seems as important as your errands, the mundane, even social media. You waste our time running in circles.”

“What do you want me to do?” she says, whining.

 “Ass in chair! Fingers on keyboard! Write, dammit! I’m your muse, not a fucking inspirational speaker!”

Tap, tap, tap.

Inwardly, I chuckle. Works every time.

The Unforgettable Lovers Book Party continues tomorrow with Beth Trissel, Chantel Rhondeau, and Jessica Nicholls, so stop by to win a free book of your choice from those featured in the event!!